Sunday, April 25, 2010

Will it Stay or Will it GO.....

Can I quickly talk about the fact that I have no idea what to pack for a tiny trip that I will be taking in 2 weeks? I mean yeah, I know I should be taking some of the following:
• Shirts- logically how many should I even bring?
• Pants
• Underwear
• Computer
• IPod
• Camera
• Shoes & socks

But what about other things like …
Stuff for the kids
• Markers/ highlighters
• pens
• Stickers
• Games for the kids – are we including board games in this?

General stuff
• Pillow?
• Jacket/coat? – When it comes to jackets/coats I don't wear them here in the States. Even when I was in Pittsburgh for college I didn’t wear a coat when it was snowing. So am I going to be fine, right? Or should I go out and buy a coat for Bulgaria?
• Cookware/ kitchen stuff. It says to bring kitchen stuff with you but you probably wouldn't need it for almost 4 months...just buy it there. Right?
• Blanket/ Sleeping bag? Do I really have to go get one or should I buy it there?
• Towel(s)?
• Water bottle w/ filter?
• Converter- buy it in the states or over there?

The longer the list gets the more I’m thinking the TSA agents are going to be cursing me!
Gifts for my home stay- what do I give? When do I give it? Lost on this one! I’ve heard things ranging from magnets to hats and photos of MY Family.

Seems like I have more questions coming up then answers.
I'll write an update of what I actually took probably... probably.

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