Thursday, May 13, 2010

When the brain says give in...

I'm tired. I'm currently body fine, mind tired. We started language training today and my head kept dipping down. My eyes started to cross which is my brain saying "I know that you want to sleep...I know it....comes on, give in...give in...." My body felt fine, awake even. I felt wide awake. It was fine, I was there in the class fine, not needing sleep. My mind though is so use to be being asleep, at a certain time that it protested to the awful idea of readjusting to life in a different time zone.
Is this jet lag? Am I experiencing jet lag? It didn't occur to me until someone asked "everyone who is experiencing jet lag stand up!" Do I stand up? I stood just for the fact that I needed to or I would have fallen asleep. The funny thing was I woke up fine; I went to sleep more than fine! I slept, like no bodies business!

In college it took me weeks to get use a new bed and a new mattress especially since it hurt my rib cage. It got so bad that I would have to start falling asleep on the couch and when I was almost so tired I was about to pass out I would try to find my way to the bed. I think a few times I just ended up on the couch. During finals I know I slept on the floor amongst the books and felt better then the bed I slept on my first year I don't know what that says about the bed. Last night though I just fell right to sleep. It was a fantastic night sleep. I was dead to the world! I can't tell you what I dreamed of. I can't tell you how long I slept because even after I got here from Germany I arrived not knowing even what day it was much less what time it was. It's funny how time can be lost. By the time we arrived in Bulgaria all that I knew was that I was here, I was fed, I was given somewhere to stay and I was going to bed.

In recent memory (last semester finals excluded) I can't really remember being so tired. We as a group were met with bread and honey (pretty good) by woman in traditional dresses. We all ate a piece, grabbed our room keys, got settled and then came back down for dinner.

Out of all the pictures I wish that I had it would be the picture of the last plane ride where the entire plane of Americans was zonked out except for me and my seat mate. I looked back everyone was asleep. Looked to the side everyone was asleep. Looked forward and for as much as I could see they were snoozing. I managed to get out have you ever seen anything like this before falling asleep myself. That would have been the best picture ever!

When I get time I'll take photos...

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